The beauty of working in Lefay

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Locations and accommodation

Employees are offered free of charge modern and spacious housing located close to the Resorts and equipped with all amenities for daily needs, including Wi-Fi.
For those not requesting accommodation, a reimbursement in addition to their salary is provided, according to their place of residence.

“Noi” Restaurant

The “Noi” Restaurants are dedicated to employees. Located inside the resorts, they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks for the different shifts, allowing all Staff Members to make use of the service according to the activities of their department, even on days of rest. The menus, prepared by the Lefay Vital Gourmet Staff, favour seasonal food and also include light and vegetarian dishes.
The Staff at the Corporate Offices benefit from electronic restaurant tickets.


Work in comfort, without worries. All Resort Staff members are provided with uniforms set of their own department; a free laundry service is also provided.

Professional growth

We always prioritise internal resources for professional growth. For this reason, when a new position within the resorts or corporate offices opens, careful research among the current staff is carried out. In this way, those staff members who could perform the vacant position may be selected and promoted. As a result, individual growth is encouraged, and mutual trust reaffirmed.

Staff Rate and benefits

The extensive spas, the Lefay Vital Gourmet dishes, the Suites flooded with light: Thanks to the staff rate you may stay in our Resorts and enjoy the Lefay holiday experience at first hand, sharing it with whoever you want.
Discounts are also provided on purchases of Lefay SPA, Lefay Style and Lefay Vital Gourmet products and services.
Moreover, as affiliated members of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Lefay Resorts offer the opportunity to participate in the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Employee Rate Programme and take advantage of favourable rates at 650 properties worldwide. Another way to say thank you.

Work-life balance

Each Staff Member has the right to benefit from the holidays envisaged by the national collective agreement for tourism industry while the resort is closed and may request another holiday periods of his/her choice throughout the year (excluding the peak season). Sustainable working hours are defined according to standardised guidelines in all departments. For the Food & Beverage department, the second day of rest has been introduced for the entire year, allowing a better work-life balance.

Total Reward

Lefay applies the national collective agreement for tourism industry, to all employees, with contractual status linked to their role in the company, on a permanent or temporary basis according to the specific description and requirements of the available position. All aspects of their position are managed in a clear and transparent manner by the human resources office of the workplace. The total reward project includes a number of dedicated acknowledgements:

Employees of the month

The “Employee of the month” acknowledgement, which rewards and encourages resort employees who manage to surprise Guests by going above and beyond their expectations, demonstrating total dedication and team spirit while carrying out their work.

Economic awards

Additional financial bonuses for the best performances, provided following an individual evaluation carried out annually by the managers. To the Heads of departments, acknowledgements are awarded upon the achievement of targets.


Incentives: some specific departments receive special rewards for achieving Team goals.